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New arrivals in store... DAVID ANDERSEN COPENAGHEN fw 11

Danish born David Andersen debuted his eponymous collection, David Andersen Denmark, in 2007 to instant success, both critically and commercially. Approaching its third year, the collection is represented in 12 countries expanding abroad Europe, and entering the markets of Japan and the US.

Every year, the David Andersen shows at Copenhagen Fashion Week keep surprising the critics and fashion followers, with girls modeling the menswear collection, or the stunning performers that give every show a different, almost engaging feeling.
David Andersen graduated from Glasgow School of Art 2003, where he was awarded “Best Costume Designer” in 2004. Subsequently, 2004 proved to be an even broader year for recognition as he was awarded “Wedding Gown of the Year” by the Royal Court Theatre in Denmark. David Andersen emerged as a fashion designer for both men and women, working at Dreams by Isabell Kristensen, while designing couture for artists and dance competitions in his own name.

David Andersen Denmark is now where his whole heart is at, and it is with a profound passion for architecture, music and museums that he finds inspiration to design couture and ready-to-wear for both genders, though his men’s collection is most prominent on the commercial scene. David Andersen Denmark isn’t afraid to push the boundaries to the limit by including skin and fur, or experimenting with different shapes and textures, which invites in a very daring audience. For his outspoken and androgynous clothing he was recognized with “The Golden Fur Pin” in 2007. Kopenhagen Fur weren’t the only ones who honored DAVID ANDERSEN DENMARK’s audacity. Thus, Royal Copenhagen presented him with an award for “A Different Fashion Experience” in 2008.

As a well established brand, DAVID ANDERSEN DENMARK, has a talked about, known about designer, who strives towards perfection; And when given “The Government Art Award” 2010, more nominations quickly followed such as “Design Talent of the Year” at Dansk Fashion Awards.

David Andersen Denmark has a vast pool of followers consisting of editors and worldwide fashionistas including, but not limited to, Paris Hilton, P. Diddy, Ida Corr, Lene Nystrøm, Lina Rafn, Caroline Fleming, Dúné and Mads Langer. David Andersen Denmark lives and works out of Copenhagen, though often traveling abroad to be inspired by what the World has to offer.

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