martedì 20 settembre 2011

Kai aakman fw11 now in store...

Kai-aakmann’s decidedly modern exploration of masculine and feminine attitude expresses a directional perspective and approach to design. When defining an essential wardrobe for forward thinking men and women, Kai-aakmann delivers key pieces.

Designer Bio: Born in Seoul, Korea, Kai-aakmann designer, Soonjin Park studied fashion design in college and upon graduation, started designing for Morris Coming Home. The brand had a unisex element that played to the Park’s interest in creating genderless fashion. She soon launched her own collection, Eloq, which allowed her to develop her own singular design aesthetic. In 2007, Park joined Kai-aakmann, a brand that gave her a larger platform to apply her personal design skills.

Since joining Kai-aakmann, Park plays with the duality of not only male versus female, but avant design and classicism, all with an emphasis on a comfortable and youthful ease. Largely inspired by youth and street culture as well as nature, Park’s design find inspiration from her daily environment, whether it be in the silhouette of a dress or the color palette of the season.

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